Sir George Savile Essay On King Charles Ii

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David committed adultery with Bathsheba and sent her husband Uriah into battle, where he was killed. Here she stands for Louise de Keroualle, Duchess of Portsmouth, one of Charles's mistresses.

David's counselor who betrayed him and encouraged Absalom to rebel against his father.

Provision for the poor, or, Reasons for the erecting of a working-hospital in every county as the most necessary and onely effectual expedient to promote the linnen manufactory, with comfortable maintenance for all poor and distressed people in citie and country by which all beggars, vagrants, &c. By Iohn Hales, Fellow of Eton Colledge, and Regius Professour of the Greeke tongue in the Vniversitie of Oxford. The declaration of Duke Hamilton, concerning his engagement against England, and his coming in with the King of Scots.

The estate of the Church with the discourse of times, from the apostles vntill this present: also of the liues of all the emperours, popes of Rome, and Turkes: as also of the Kings of Fraunce, England, Scotland, Spaine, Portugall, Denmarke, &c. Translated out of French into English by Simon Patrike, Gentleman. Miscellanies A sermon preached at St Maries in Oxford vpon Tuesday in Easter vveeke, 1617 Concerning the abuses of obscure and difficult places of holy Scripture, and remedies against them. with additions from the authours own copy, viz., sermons & miscellanies, also letters and expresses concerning the Synod of Dort (not before printed), from an authentick hand. A message from the Normans, to the generall of the Kentish forces. Pauls doctrine touching iustification by fayth, in Iesus Christ: which is the only marke to shoote at, and the only meanes to obtaine saluation. That the Duke of Lauderdale was concerned in the designe of bringing in of popery and arbitrary government, may appear by these following particulars, &c.

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He hanged himself when he saw that the rebellion would not succeed.

He represents Anthony Ashley Cooper, the first Earl of Shaftesbury.

He accompanied Charles II during his exile and served him faithfully during his misfortunes.

Jotham stands for George Savile, Marquis of Halifax, and nephew of Shaftesbury.


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