Social Work Short Courses

Bachelor's programs can lead to work in non-clinical social work positions, while master's programs prepare students to get licensed as clinical social workers.

Social work doctoral programs prepare students to work as researchers and social work educators.

Whether you are new to the profession, a second-career professional or a mid-career professional, these tips will help you broaden your sphere of influence and take on the challenges that can catapult you to the next level in your career!

Social work professionals help those in need, whether they are dealing with mental health problems, substance abuse or other issues.

Social work programs are offered at the undergraduate and graduate level, including bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees.

Each program provides students with skills in social advocacy.

Visit the state regulatory board directly or the Association of Social Work Boards, for a list of social work state licensing agencies or for a comparison of state regulations.

provide recognition to those social workers who have met national standards for higher levels of specialized knowledge, skills, and experience.

This involves a study of the principles and values of generalist practice through multiple social perspectives.

These perspectives include multi-cultural, groups, families and individuals.


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