Social Working Courses

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Social workers may work in hospitals and community health care, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ health and social services, disability, child protection, youth work, criminal justice, family support and counselling, employment and legal services, and refugee wellbeing.

This is an Australian Association of Social Workers accredited qualification.

They understand how social, political, economic, environmental and cultural factors can impact wellbeing.

Human rights and social justice are at the heart of social work; advocating to eliminate inequality and discrimination is a key role.

Select the country where you completed your studies to see a guide on meeting QUT’s English language requirements.

Your scores and prior qualifications in English-speaking countries are considered.

A double degree allows you to specialise in two fields and pursue different interest areas, gaining a broader range of skills and knowledge, and giving you a competitive advantage and greater career flexibility.

Consider a double degree with the Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) if you would like to work in community services, counselling and family-centred intervention, mental health services, drug and alcohol intervention, or disability services.

You may also be able to complete electives in complementary areas such as public health or psychology and counselling.

You will be taught by experienced social workers and human services professionals who have a proud history of providing services to vulnerable communities from a foundation of respect, social justice and human rights.


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