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This evidence usually draws upon observed patterns and information from collected cases and experiences, not just from isolated, anecdotal reports.

But these distinctions are not just important if you have to collect your own data for your paper.

You also need to be aware of them even when you are relying on secondary sources for your research.

Some sociologists favor qualitative over quantitative data, or vice versa, and it is perfectly reasonable to rely on only one method in your own work.

However, since each method has its own strengths and weaknesses, combining methods can be a particularly effective way to bolster your argument.

Different traditions within sociology tend to favor one side of the equation over the other, with some focusing on the agency of individual actors and others on structural factors.

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The danger is that you may go too far in either of these directions and thus lose the complexity of sociological thinking.Sociological evidence falls into two main groups: Quantitative data produces a measurement of subjects’ characteristics and behavior, while qualitative research generates information on their meanings and practices.Thus, the methods you choose will reflect the type of evidence most appropriate to the questions you ask.You will need more systematic evidence to make your claim convincing.Above all else, remember that your opinion alone is not sufficient support for a sociological argument.Although this mistake can manifest itself in any number of ways, three types of flawed arguments are particularly common: Although each of these three arguments seems quite different, they all share one common feature: they assume exactly what they need to be explaining.They are excellent starting points, but lousy conclusions.Unlike many of the other subjects here at UNC, such as history or English, sociology is a new subject for many students.Therefore, it may be helpful to give a quick introduction to what sociologists do.Others examine larger social organizations such as businesses and governments, looking at their structure and hierarchies.Still others focus on social movements and political protest, such as the American civil rights movement.


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