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Here are five famous quotes from Albert Einstein translated by Business News Daily and applied to business.This simple equation may show exactly what it takes to be successful in life, but the same is true for business.That, however, does not make the decision to do so any easier for entrepreneurs and businesses.

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A large part of making any business a success relies on their willingness to take chances and their ability to come up with new ideas before anyone else.

Once a business reaches a certain level of success, it becomes very easy for them to rest on their laurels and become complacent.

In the example above, ‘be productive’ might seem like a sacrifice you’re doing for the company, while ‘make your job easier’ may be more like something you’re doing for your own benefit, but from which the company also benefits.

In the end, the problem is still the same, but the feelings — and the points of view — associated with each of them are vastly different.

Not only will your solutions be more abundant and of higher quality, but they’ll be achieved much, much more easily.

Most importantly, you’ll have the confidence to be tackling a worthwhile problem.Thinking outside the box, no matter how cliché, is oftentimes a necessary and extremely effective way to fix problems and come up with new ideas.More often than not, success in business requires taking a leap of faith or following the path less traveled.This is a good way for businesses to quickly get passed over by competition.No matter how big and successful your business is, you cannot stop questioning how to improve.Play freely with the problem statement, rewording it several times.For a methodic approach, take single words and substitute variations. Try replacing ‘increase’ with ‘attract’, ‘develop’, ‘extend’, ‘repeat’ and see how your perception of the problem changes.What usually happens is that as soon as we have a problem to work on we’re so eager to get to solutions that we neglect spending any time refining it.What most of us don’t realize — and what supposedly Einstein might have been alluding to — is that the quality of the solutions we come up with will be in direct proportion to the quality of the description of the problem we’re trying to solve. This quote does illustrate an important point: before jumping right into solving a problem, we should step back and invest time and effort to improve our understanding of it.Here are 10 strategies you can use to see problems from many different perspectives and master what is the most important step in problem solving: clearly defining the problem in the first place!


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