Solved Problems In Engineering Mechanics

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Most of the time engineers will be explaining to individuals who don’t have a firm grasp on the engineering vernacular.Thus, dynamics could be properly described as the vector of engineering mechanics that study bodies in motion.The branch of dynamics is segmented into two fundamental parts: kinematics and kinetics.In particular, with statics, engineers are interested in studying the effects and distribution of torques and forces upon this equilibrium.Dynamics also relate to torques and forces, but this branch of engineering is particularly interested in the impact that torques and forces have on motion.The fundamentals of torque are predominately dependent upon the force(s) it interacts with.For example, torque is directly influenced by the magnitude of the force, as well as how far the applied force is from the rotation axis.It should be noted though, that all objects, even those that don’t appear to be moving, have forces acting upon them.Thus, the power and direction of a force determines that of a moving object, whereas it is the counter-force that determines the power and direction of a static tailor-made as per the syllabus offered in the first year of undergraduate students of Engineering.The book covers both Statics and Dynamics, and provides the students with a clear and thorough presentation of the theory as well as the applications.


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