Solving Momentum Problems

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It’s tempting with these types of problems to want to analyze it based on your intuition, but it always helps to go back through, look at the principles and assumptions involved, and actually put together the equations for yourself even if it’s just symbolically.

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“I’m super excited - I just programmed a wireless controller using code that I just learned two days ago,” Terrazas Jr. “I have never done anything like that before.” The mission executed has not gone unnoticed by the Department of the Navy. Jonathan Margolick, the Marine representative to the Naval Expedition and Agility Cells, was present observing the course.

Naval X assists the process of figuring out who is doing great work across the Department of the Navy, the organization then finds the tools and experts, and get them to Naval service members.

World's Lightest Material 200 times lighter than styrofoam HRL Laboratories - See the video Using an innovative fabrication process developed at HRL, researchers created a micro-lattice structure of interconnected hollow tubes with a wall thickness of 100 nanometers, 1,000 times thinner than a human hair.

In just one week, Marines and other service members were presented the opportunity to learn a wide variety of problem solving skills using science, engineering, and technology.

“We believe you have to have a better understanding of different problem solving techniques, and not just the one that you’re good at.” Innovation Boot Camp, operating within The Garden by Building Momentum, allows access to all the equipment and technology to support the course.

Inside the walls of the workshop, are wood, metal, and electronic workshops, which are accessible to students, artists and engineers.

Right off the bat we notice that in case A the ball is bouncing directly back in the horizontal direction, whereas in case B it’s taking a ricochet off the wall. – How conservation of energy is used to determine the initial and final velocity: We know that energy is conserved, what does that mean?

If we remember, that means that the energy in equals the energy out. Because the mass stays the same, this implies that the initial velocity and final velocity of the ball in both cases are equal.

“You can make a huge difference with some of this gear,” Margolick said, speaking of 3-D printers creating plastic equipment.

“We just need to bring more of a critical eye and a little bit of technical know-how.” At the end of the course, along with the new skills learned, students were able to take home their self-made gear and technology for their friends, family and fellow Marines to examine.


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