Solving Percentage Word Problems

The format displayed above, "(this number) is (some percent) of (that number)", always holds true for percents.

In any given problem, you plug your known values into this equation, and then you solve for whatever is left.

Ashley’s marks = 83% of m Ashley secured 332 marks Therefore, 83% of m = 332⇒ 83/100 × m = 332 5. Out of these students; 28 % got first division, 54 % got second division and the remaining just passed.

Percentage problems usually work off of some version of the sentence "(this) is (some percentage) of (that)", which translates to "(this) = (some decimal) × (that)".

In addition, an anchor chart that lists all of the factor pairs of 100 can really help students who struggle solving the proportion using a scale factor.

You can see tips on how to teach inequalities, proportional reasoning, ratios, and fractions/decimals/percents. What other middle school math concepts would you like for us to write about?

Before I teach finding part, whole, and percent, students have already practiced and been tested on proportional relationships and unit rates.

They are proficient at reading a word problem and setting up a proportion.

What I finally got correct this year is the importance of setting up the labels.

I am not talking about writing part/whole; I am referring to describing what the part is in relation to describing the whole. If students understand that the part is related to the percent by means of the label, then they will be so much more successful in setting up the percent proportion correctly and with more confidence.


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