Solving Problems Creatively

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I want to blame television, but I suspect that's too easy.I've been hearing about the decline of standards in American education, the absence of creative thinking skills in young people, but until recently I had no direct evidence.

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"The more different ways you describe the problem you're trying to solve, the more different things you know about that you will call to mind," says Markman. When you think specifically, you limit your memory and stifle creativity. "That freed him to try lots of different methods of separation," says Markman.

Hence: the Dual Cyclone vacuum that led Dyson to fame and fortune.

Ever find yourself going over and over a problem in your business, only to hit a dead end or draw a blank?

Find an innovative solution with one simple technique: re-describe the problem.

At its best, college will train you to think creatively, and prepare you for the reality that education never ends.

At its worst, college will reinforce an inbred intellectual smugness, dress it in facts, and provide you with a document asserting your immunity to all future intellectual experience.The belief in the authority of idea producers is the modern replacement for religion.Just like religion, this belief closes off a vast area of human experience, streamlines the equations of life and makes one's existence pathetically simple — all one need do is find out what views it is acceptable to hold.The reasons this is true are almost too numerous to list: I know this is a sudden shift from the general to the specific, but it serves to show how a bias created by television can influence other behaviors.The basic message of television is "Let me do it for you — you cannot do it alone, I am essential.It is instructive to submit a pre-existing HTML document to Front Page, which then proceeds to erase any tags it doesn't recognize as its own.No error messages, no dialogue, all tags it doesn't know about are simply eaten.The above position will not be a fast-breaking story to someone trained in original thought, and neither will this: all these statements are one person's ideas and are most useful when included in a much larger collection of ideas, including the reader's own.Here are some common misconceptions about ideas and idea production: Does anyone still believe this? And the fastest way to lose this belief is to talk to college graduates, as I regularly do.Laugh with me, think with me, become me." The inevitable result is that computer programs are esteemed to the degree that they are like television.For example, a really awful program like Microsoft's Front Page receives high ratings, even though the program actively represses individual creativity and the user is reduced to following a single behavioral pattern built into the program by its designers.


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