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In-text A page number is required if you are paraphrasing, summarising or quoting directly:(Karskens 1997, p. 12) suggests that If you are only citing the main idea of the book:(Karskens 1997)List of references Karskens, G 1997, Oxford University Press, e-book, accessed 25 July 2007 from Oxford Reference Online Database.

To cite an ebook accessed via an ebook reader In text Include author/date:(Smith 2008) or: Smith (2008) states that ...

Within this guide, you'll find sample reference citations for a Works Cited page.

Examples in this guide are based on: Gibaldi, Joseph.

Instead, when this occurs, give a citation with the year and page numbers immediately afterwards: Telfer (2008, p.

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17) asks us to consider whether ‘cookery is really a craft’.And though referencing can seem confusing, it’s simple enough when you know how.That’s why we’ve prepared this quick guide to citing an edited book using Harvard referencing.Every source cited in your text should also appear in a reference list at the end of your document, with full publication information specified.When citing a chapter from an edited book, the format to use here is: Chapter Author Surname and Initial(s). It’s often said that nothing in life is certain beyond death and taxes.If you’re a student or an academic, however, we can add referencing to that list, as there’s no way you can write a decent essay without clearly and consistently citing sources throughout.Harvard referencing is another term for parenthetical referencing, in which sources are cited by giving the author name and date of publication in parentheses.If you are quoting a source directly, this should be accompanied by relevant page numbers: Cookery is more of ‘a craft’ than an art form (Telfer, 2008, p. If you have named the author in the main text, don’t repeat this information in the citation.Check with your professors to see which version of MLA style you should use for your classes.For further MLA guidance, see the MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing.


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