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This group was made up of 30 men, including two kings.Their elected assembly, also meeting outdoors like Athens, were given laws to vote for.

This group was made up of 30 men, including two kings.Their elected assembly, also meeting outdoors like Athens, were given laws to vote for.

Spartans were simply asked to vote When you think of the Spartans, what is the first thing that you think about?

Well most people think about how they centered their life's around warfare and conquest of other territories.

This body consisted of 28 over-60 years of age males who held the position for their lifetime.

The Gerousia led the Ekklesia, also known as the citizen assembly, probably proposing issues on which to vote.

The Spartan kings were very vital in the government of the society, along with the Ephors, whom both guided their city by their well established and effective...

Council of 500, Sparta had a small group, the Council of Elders, making their decisions.

Because they were denied access to money, the government fed them.

Thus the need for a stable flow of currency was not needed.

Although oddly structured, it's main goal was to achieve stability.

This is one goal that many Greek city-states strived for but could never reach. Underneath these kings was the council of elders, which their control over the helots to farm their land.


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