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To check out Natalie's Teachers Pay Teachers Store, click here! CC even has a whole packet of social language homework.

If you’re like me, you find it difficult to make use of all your resources for December given that it’s a short “therapy” month.

As winter break approaches, I look thorough my December bin and realize I was not able to use all of the activities I created or purchased for December.

Natalie Snyders has created some really awesome articulation homework packets- in fact her store is filled with them!

She has created some general articulation packets that could go home daily or weekly with your students.

Below are some examples of her homework activities. Students cut out pictures at the bottom of the page and have to put them in the story where it is fit.

Here is another homework packet that will make you "smile! She has created two homework packets that address articulation and grammar. But as SLPs, we also know board games are great for articulation, social skills, receptive/expressive language, and the list goes on. What’s the best way to use these games for therapy? The idea with this packet, is that the students color in the smiley faces as they practice their target. Here is a screen shot of one of her pages: You can visit Teach Speech 365's Teachers Pay Teachers Store here! I feel like I’m really making a difference in their lives and that is so rewarding for me.” Emily Stalker, CF-SLP “The Ultimate How to Treat Stuttering Package” is the only thing you’ll EVER need to treat stuttering and includes simple but robust assessment materials, tens of treatment technique tutorial videos for preschoolers through adults, and done-for-you therapy and homework sheets. Inside the remaining folders, there are 24 evidence-based treatment techniques divided by age. I’m currently in my CFY year in an outpatient setting and I feel SO much more confident with my stuttering patients. Every video’s only about three minutes long where I state the technique, why it helps, exactly how to do it step-by-step, and then how to go about starting to do therapy with it. The Assessing Stuttering folder has The One Page Stuttering Assessment and a step-by-step manual on how to do every part of the assessment, as well as a video of me walking you through the important steps to an evaluation.I attach these pages to their progress reports so that parents are more likely to see them and encourage their child to practice.Anyone else counting down the days to Spring Break?One last resource for some great homework materials.... As SLPs, we sometimes are looked down upon for using games in therapy.


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