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In rural areas, nearly 20% of small businesses generate the vast majority of their revenue (at least 80%) online.So it’s absolutely frightening to know that AT&T and Verizon control 90% of the business market in our industry.

The New T-Mobile is for the farmer in Iowa that can more easily access markets for his or her product and rollout Io T solutions to better monitor hundreds of acres of crops.

It’s for the destination restaurant or hotel in a quiet far-flung location that struggles to source products and interact with potential customers.

For months now, I have been talking about all the good things the New T-Mobile would do for consumers and for the country – and what we will do to spark competition and innovation in the 5G economy. If you’re one of the 30 million small business owners in the U. Yes, things in wireless today go from bad to abysmal when we start talking about wireless for businesses – especially small businesses.

As I’ve shared before, the facts make it clear that keeping the status quo is not just wrong, it’s bad. As we mark Small Business Week this week, I want to take a second and really look at the broken status quo for small businesses in this country, especially those in rural areas. Connectivity is critical to drive sales, engage customers, communicate with employees, stay connected in the field and more.

Two-year service contracts, bill shock, data buckets, overage penalties, and so many more punitive practices. Chamber of Commerce, 66% of rural small businesses claim that slow Internet or mobile connectivity negatively impact their businesses. This same report found that improving access to digital technology for rural business could add over $140 BILLION to the U. economy over the next three years and create an additional 360,000 full-time jobs in rural communities. We’ve made strides in freeing businesses from the Carriers.

Millions of businesses are still on a two-year service contract… Worse, the Carriers’ pricing for businesses is still a secret, so you have no idea if you’re getting a good deal or getting screwed (protip: you’re probably getting screwed). Not only does this hurt business owners, but it also leaves untapped potential to boost the local and U. T-Mobile for Business has grown more than 20% year over year, winning new customers and fans and freeing businesses of all sizes from the Carriers. They love the transparency, the coverage and the personalized customer service from our Team of Experts.And you’ve got to negotiate with them to get a deal. In fact, T-Mobile for Business has But even with all that momentum, we are still barely making a dent. With the combined resources of Sprint and T-Mobile, we can build a network with 15x more capacity by 2024 than Sprint and T-Mobile have combined today.If you’re a small business, you are too busy running your business to negotiate in some back room with AT&T suits. We will deploy transformative nationwide 5G for everyone, and we will bring the value of the Un-carrier to businesses across the country.With the New T-Mobile’s spectrum and scale, we’ll cover 95.8% of this country’s roughly 62 million rural residents with 5G mobile broadband service.That’s why we’ve committed to building at least 600 new retail stores across the country to bring new competition to these underserved small towns.INVESTORS AND SECURITY HOLDERS ARE URGED TO READ THE JOINT CONSENT SOLICITATION STATEMENT/PROSPECTUS AND OTHER RELEVANT DOCUMENTS FILED WITH THE SEC WHEN THEY BECOME AVAILABLE BECAUSE THEY WILL CONTAIN IMPORTANT INFORMATION.The documents filed by T-Mobile may be obtained free of charge at T-Mobile’s website, at or at the SEC’s website, at gov, or from T-Mobile by requesting them by mail at T-Mobile US, Inc., Investor Relations, 1 Park Avenue, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10016, or by telephone at 212-358-3210.The documents filed by Sprint may be obtained free of charge at Sprint’s website, at or at the SEC’s website, at gov, or from Sprint by requesting them by mail at Sprint Corporation, Shareholder Relations, 6200 Sprint Parkway, Mailstop KSOPHF0302-3B679, Overland Park, Kansas 66251, or by telephone at 913-794-1091.No Offer or Solicitation This communication shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities, nor shall there be any sale of securities in any jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such jurisdiction. Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Statements This communication contains certain forward-looking statements concerning T-Mobile, Sprint and the proposed transaction between T-Mobile and Sprint.Such forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, statements about the benefits of the proposed transaction, including anticipated future financial and operating results, synergies, accretion and growth rates, T-Mobile’s, Sprint’s and the combined company’s plans, objectives, expectations and intentions, and the expected timing of completion of the proposed transaction.There are several factors which could cause actual plans and results to differ materially from those expressed or implied in forward-looking statements.


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