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I like the stress on busy days like this as much as I enjoy the relaxed days where nurses can finally sit down.The physical and mental strength of a labor and delivery nurse will always be something I respect after working as a family birth center volunteer at the Methodist Hospital.Chemistry was the first science class that challenged me to visualize abstract concepts on a completely new scale while incorporating the problem solving and logical deduction that I loved from math. Rather than following a list of directions, I brought theory to life by testing the properties of chemical reactions.

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Your choice here should reinforce and add to your college application narrative.

The Group-Individual-Group Learning Method implemented in the Stanford Department of Chemistry largely appeals to me.

Over the next few weeks, I was bombarded with warnings from wary upperclassmen about what was supposedly the hardest class in school.

The teacher even had a meeting to scare the freshmen away.

It would be an honor to work as a doctor alongside these professionals one day.

Many citizens resort to stereotypes and generalizations when speaking about others.Chemistry was my first experience blending math with science.Now that I’ve been introduced to physics, biology, and calculus, the interconnectedness of these subjects inspires higher pursuit within me.Try to think of a hobby or interest you have that not many others share, or that reveals a lot of information about your unique personality.It doesn’t have to be anything super impressive, it just needs to help admissions officers get to know you. I’d learn how to change a tire, clear a clogged shower drain, and create a budget.At the end of freshman year, I enrolled in AP Chemistry.I didn’t think much of it; I was used to picking the hardest classes on the list.I am also interested in the case-based learning approach, as it cultivates meaningful and memorable understanding of concepts.High-level engagement in the classroom is something I am looking forward to at Stanford.Most of all, I’d learn how to cook outside the confinements of microwaved pizza rolls.My love of food is belied by my lack of culinary proficiency.


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