Starting An Argumentative Essay

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The professor who assigned your argumentative essay prompt wants to know what the essay is about at first glance and not have to read through a lengthy introduction that does not contain anything useful.

Your thesis statement is your logline and it will be the basis of your argument essay prompts’ introduction. You have to smoothly slide in your next discussion with a strong connection to the previous paragraph.

Without the introduction, you cannot hope to keep the reader hooked through the body, let alone until the conclusion of your essay.

Aside from that you need to write down an introduction that prepares the reader for what they are about to expect.

This way, even if they are not interested, they might find out something new.

Make the reader see why it is important to read about your essay.

Your whole essay is important, but the keystone for your argumentative essay is your introduction.

It is the first thing people will see and it is what they will continuously return to as they read through your whole essay.

Still, it has to be short enough to leave more room for discussion in the succeeding parts of your essay.

This is essentially the log line of your argumentative essay.


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