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But soon after, we realized we are making new ethical issues. What is needed before patients can receive stem cell treatments for the 10 or so diseases you identified? We can make a human kidney or human pancreas in pigs if human i PS cells are injected into the embryo.

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“They will lead to unprecedented discoveries that will transform life.

I have no doubt about it.”Embryonic stem (ES) cells provide unparallelled information on early development.

That’s very different from the way stem cell treatments were originally described to the public.

It was going to be “personalized” medicine — using the patient’s own stem cells to generate the adult cells without risk of rejection. But the diseases I described are caused by loss of function of just one type of cell.

He has even helped to develop an entirely new form of human embryonic stem cell that could simplify studies on what different human genes do.

His wide-ranging research established him as a leader in embryonic stem-cell biology, a field challenged by restricted funding and an enthusiasm for competing technologies that don’t carry the same ethical baggage.

Shinya Yamanaka directs Kyoto University’s Center for i PS Cell Research and Application, and leads a small research lab at the Gladstone Institutes, which is affiliated with the University of California, San Francisco. Bush issued an executive order banning federal funding for new sources of stem cells developed from preimplantation human embryos.

The action stalled research and discouraged scientists.

I think it’s likely that clinical trials will be well underway for many of these diseases in the next decade.

Your discovery has not entirely replaced embryonic stem cells for potential treatments.


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