Steps To Writing A Research Paper For College

Steps To Writing A Research Paper For College-34
," a supporting point may be "sea turtles' nesting habitats are being destroyed" and a sub-question might be "how does warmer ocean water affect sea turtles?" As for finding research databases, your school has usually already paid for databases, so definitely check your school's website to see which specific databases they have purchased for your use.

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This is because those paragraphs are the lead-in and lead-out of your paper.

If you write them before you write the actual body of the paper, how are you supposed to know what to put in them?

Make sure that your topic has an underlying question.

A research paper without a question is just a bunch of compiled facts.

However, you should go about writing your paper by doing the body paragraphs first.

These are arguably the most important parts of a research paper, as they are the actual facts and evidence that help to answer your question.When organizing, it can be helpful to separate out your articles, websites, data and more by which supporting point they're acting as evidence for.There are many websites and tools to help with this process.Also, write down any questions that are raised in response to your initial research question.For example, if my research question was "How Does Global Warming Affect Sea Turtles?Remember that you are the only person who's going to see your outline, so it doesn't matter if it's really messy with notes all over it.This way, you'll have a skeleton of what your paper should look like and it'll be a lot easier than just writing your paper blindly.In the rare case that there are none, EBSCO offers a couple of free databases and so do Truman State University and California State University.Scientific journals and historical records may be a tad scary, but if you know how to use them, your research process will go a whole lot smoother.When researching, make sure to write down not only facts and points that you discover, but also questions that come up and could be used towards further research and a deeper understanding in your paper.Now that you've structured your paper and gathered the necessary information, it's time to organize that information.


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