Steps To Writing A Thesis Paragraph

Steps To Writing A Thesis Paragraph-38
My purpose: ____________________________________________ My audience: ____________________________________________ When selecting a topic, you may want to consider something that interests you or something based on your own life and personal experiences.Even everyday observations can lead to interesting topics.These are the five steps in the writing process: Effective writing can be simply described as good ideas that are expressed well and arranged in the proper order.

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Although many more prewriting strategies exist, this chapter covers six: using experience and observations, freewriting, asking questions, brainstorming, mapping, and searching the Internet.

Using the strategies in this chapter can help you overcome the fear of the blank page and confidently begin the writing process.

Have you seen an attention-grabbing story on your local news channel?

Many current issues appear on television, in magazines, and on the Internet.

Just as you need a recipe, ingredients, and proper tools to cook a delicious meal, you also need a plan, resources, and adequate time to create a good written composition.

In other words, writing is a process that requires steps and strategies to accomplish your goals.The cover may interest you, and you may consider global warming as a topic.Or maybe a novel’s courtroom drama sparks your curiosity of a particular lawsuit or legal controversy.As you continue to follow the writing process, you will see how Mariah uses critical reading skills to assess her own prewriting exercises.Freewriting is an exercise in which you write freely about any topic for a set amount of time (usually three to five minutes).When you judge the author’s argument, you discover more about not only the author’s opinion but also your own.If this step already seems daunting, remember that even the best writers need to use prewriting strategies to generate ideas.After writers think about their experiences and observations, they often take notes on paper to better develop their thoughts.These notes help writers discover what they have to say about their topic.When faced with a blank page, however, experienced writers remind themselves that writing, like other everyday activities, is a process.Every process, from writing to cooking to bike riding to learning to use a new cell phone will get significantly easier with practice.


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