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Similarly, there are only two mandatory units for supervisors.

Failure to comply with this Code is evidence of failing to fulfil the legal requirements to sign, light and guard works.

Compliance with the code will be taken as compliance with the legal requirements to which it relates. Investing in staff training ensures your workforce is more professional, productive, efficient and motivated.

NRSWA training courses are mainly practical, but the delegate will also have some written work.

Did you know that a company may not carry out street works and civils unless its workforce is properly accredited?

We also offer scheduled courses for unit 002/010 Signing, Lighting and Guarding for those only requiring this part of the qualification and New Roads & Street Works Reassessment courses and exams for those needing to requalify.

The New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 places a duty on any person or organisation undertaking work involving the installation, renewal, maintenance or inspection ofunderground apparatus in any street or roadto ensure that work is under the control of competent persons.

The New Roads and Street Works Act require that anyone who works for, or on behalf of a utility company, is qualified for the job being carried out.

Because of this, one qualified operative must be present on site at all times. The NRSWA Operative course is suitable for those who carry out the manual excavation and restoration of footpaths and highways.

The approved bodies for issuing certificates of competence are: Alternatively, you can have a qualification from another member state of the European Community which gives an equivalent guarantee of skill and competence.

You must also register your Certificate of Competence with the Street Works Qualification Register ( will then provide a plastic photo identification card to show you have the requisite qualifications. In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland you can reregister by contacting the registration body within three months of the expiry of the previous registration.


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