Stress On High School Students Essay

They are afraid of being confronted by their teacher in a school and the parents at home.And the thought of not making it to the next level comes into play.Students who lack proper organization and time management may become overwhelmed and fall behind.

The college application process is stressful enough, but with the essays on top of everything else, it can really cause anxiety for some students. There are plenty of ways to de-stress the writing process.

One of the best things you can do to take the stress out of the essay is to start as early as possible.

This is where they have to choose a path before joining the next level either college, trade school or career.

Remember, they are in a competitive environment hence the need to feel the pressure since everyone is working hard to achieve the same goal as you.

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Everyone has different abilities and when one is under pressure to deliver especially in school, the feeling can be frustrating.

You don’t have to (and shouldn’t) start writing it right away, but thinking about it is a great start.

The first few weeks are a great opportunity to brainstorm topics or experiences that answer the college’s question. If you’re waiting for the final weeks because it is stressing you out, you could run into problems and writer’s block.

To add on this, the teen has more than enough to juggle on a daily basis including extracurricular activities, loads of homework and social life to cover. Study shows that the intense pressure may backfire and the result is social, physical and emotional stress.

Before the teen joins college, the excitement of meeting other teenagers is high.


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