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Teachers should explain the purpose of both homework in general and individual homework.

Teachers should explain the purpose of both homework in general and individual homework.The task must be manageable in terms of time and level of difficulty.

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I don't want them to do their homework carelessly just because they don't want to get a demerit.

I want them to be encouraged to do their homework and have fun by doing it. ~Hugs from Brazil~ Bruno Levy There are all kinds of homework around but a lot of it is just busy work. Because the rates of success in people learning English via classes is really so poor.

The task develops habits of study and independent learning, Homework offers opportunities for extensive activities in receptive skills for which there is no time in the classroom.

Teachers must make a plan so that students do not complain that the task they are given is boring or meaningless, Students should see the usefulness of the task.

Teachers tend to have mixed feelings about homework.

While recognising the advantages, they observe negative attitudes and poor performance from students.This article is thought-provoking and It has made me reflect on many points I've never stopped to think about.From now on, I'll try to consider these things mentioned in this article before setting homework for my students.Conferring over homework tasks by email can be positive or negative, though chatting with an English-speaking friend is to be encouraged, as is searching for visual materials.Both teachers and learners are guilty of trawling the Net for practice exercises, some of which are untried, untested and dubious in terms of quality.Hartford's Journalism and Media Academy has offered after-school dinner programs or time for students to work on online assignments during class, but English teacher Susan Johnston said pen and paper assignments are on their way out.“I have kids all the time who are like, 'Miss, can you just give me a paper copy of this?Learners need guidance, and a starting point is to provide a short list of reliable sites such as the British Council's Learn English and the BBC's Learning English which provide a huge variety of exercises and activities as well as links to other reliable sources. Homeworks are an excellent way to revise and learn.However, students are not likely to accept homeworks.In this May 8, 2019, photo, third-grade student Miles Stidham uses an East Webster High School laptop to do homework in Maben, Miss.The Stidhams are unable to get internet at their home in the country, so they take advantage of the internet in the school's library.


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