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ENGL 1201 fulfills two Core Proficiencies: Critical Thinking and Reading/Writing.

Please mention this fact in your syllabus and include a description of each Proficiency, similar to those given in this syllabus.

You may write a paper for another course that you are presently taking provided you: (1) consult with Prof. TU FEB 27 METHODS OF ORGANIZATION TH MAR 1 NARRATIVE ESSAYS DUE DISCUSS NARRATIVE ESSAYS TU MAR 6 DISCUSS NARRATIVE ESSAYS TH MAR 8 DISCUSS NARRATIVE ESSAYS *****PLEASE BRING YOUR NORTON SAMPLER TO THE NEXT CLASS TU MAR 13 ANALYSIS OF PROCESS ESSAYS IN NORTON (THESE ESSAYS ARE ALSO CALLED “HOW TO ESSAYS”.) ****3RD WRITING ASSIGNMENT: HOW TO ESSAY. Try to select something unusual so your essay will entertain as well as inform ****REMEMBER YOUR WORKBOOKS FOR NEXT TIME TH MAR 15 Grammar Review: Comma, semi-colon, colon, dash, parenthesis, and brackets (Workbook, pages 180-223). Please note: There is no final exam in this course [Click on the following course titles to view sample syllabi for Advanced Composition, Women’s Visionary Fiction, Women’s Visionary Film, and Women’s Visionary Poetry.] , winner of the 2012 Oakland PEN Josephine Miles Award for Literary Excellence.

Mackey and (2) obtain the written permission of your instructor. Mackey’s novels have been translated into twelve languages including Japanese, Russian, Hebrew, Greek, and Finnish.

with a verbal SAT under 550) can place himself or herself into either ENGL 1201 or ENGL 1201-0160 (our basic skills course).

Students complete a survey and write an essay in response to one of three readings.

Place: The Harvard Coop, 1400 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138.

English Department Syllabus College English I The department syllabus is designed to help instructors put together their own syllabi for ENGL 1201, College English I.

CELL PHONES AND PAGERS must not ring during the class period. REQUIRED TEXTS: , STRUNK & WHITE REQUIREMENTS: Regular Attendance Participation Reading Memorization of The Four Rules Quizzes on The Four Rules In-class writing assignments Essays and other assignments A final conference on MAY 15 or 17 NOTE: Keep all copies of your essays (graded and ungraded).

You will need them to do the 4th Assignment and will also need to bring them to your final conference.


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