Teaching Grammar Through S Thesis

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Usually, this lesson takes place during class, but sometimes I create a flipped video for them to watch outside of class. Direct instruction is an effective way to lay a solid foundation and common understanding of a grammatical concept.

Direct instruction is sometimes confused with isolation.

Teaching grammar in isolation means that students don’t learn how to transfer their command of grammar to reading, writing, and life. I frequently see people ask questions about why we teach certain grammar concepts, like parts of speech and parts of sentences.

Instruction is focused specifically on verbs, for instance, and students never spend time analyzing author’s verb choices or intentionally playing with their word choice to apply grammar understanding. Because they are not directly relatable to life (for students), it’s understandable why this question would emerge.

The errors most frequently made by these writers can be divided into several categories, including letter omissions such as “two boy” and “John coat,” redundancies such as “more better,” and shared forms such as “I seen him” (D’Eloia, 1987).

The other most-common errors made by these students are fragments, run-ons, and comma splices, which are often viewed as errors in punctuation (Shaughnessy, 1977).I encourage you to explore the debates and figure out what you believe.Does the research you find support or conflict with your beliefs?In academic settings, students are judged by their command of standard English, which may require them to observe rules of grammar and usage with which they are not familiar.Research suggests that rote teaching of grammar does not serve students well.Some people have interpreted the “teach grammar in context” movement to mean that direct instruction no longer has a place.I’ve found that to begin studying a new concept, students need a mini lesson.Students do not naturally transfer grammatical rules and patterns learning through worksheet drills into their own writing (Harris & Rowan, 1989; Hillocks, 1986).Grammatical errors in writing are a common problem facing college transition students.Mentor sentences are one way to study grammar in context, but not the only avenue.Try inductive learning approaches, and focus on the grammatical concepts you are teaching when conferring with writers.


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