Team Effectiveness Essay

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As the group process continues, members switch back and forth between the roles. If there is too much emphasis on criticism of contributions and evaluation of ideas, the group may not come up with any new and innovative ideas to try.

Maintaining a balance is the role of the group leader.

If the meal is not well prepared or if the service is poor, the customer may not enjoy the dining experience.

All members of the team have a role in making the customers experience memorable. The kitchen staff members may think of themselves as a team (“us”) allied against the front of house staff (“them”).

Communication that is honest and assertive tells the listener what you need.

It does not expect the listener to read between the lines.The kitchen staff on other shifts, management, and other components of the operation may also be considered “them.” This is not productive in a well-functioning restaurant.The staff may believe that if only “they” were more understanding, worked harder, or knew what it was really like, “we” could do the best job.When appropriate, it also expresses feelings about the situation.When problems arise, honest communication allows them to be resolved in a mature way.When the entire group sees itself as having a common set of goals to achieve, and each member of the team understands his or her contribution to the overall team effort, the best results are achieved.Groups that work effectively have the following characteristics: Groups go through a set of predictable stages of development.A good leader always watches for signs that the group needs more structure or a new challenge.This sense of teamwork is not something that just happens; it is created through good communication, leadership, caring for individuals as people, and an understanding of group process. Initiators are the people who speak up first and generate ideas.Work groups are constantly being formed and reformed as new staff members join and others leave.New members of the team have the same needs as new groups.


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