Teamwork Research Paper

A uniformly high level of effort by all team members is primary to the quality of collaboration. Team cohesion refers to the degree to which team members desire to remain in the team. Each teamwork quality facet is described in more detail below.

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Good teamwork can hardly be achieved without an adequate level of cohesion.

If team members lack a sense of togetherness and belonging, if there is little desire to keep the team going, then intensive collaboration seems unlikely. Team structure and performance: Assessing the mediating role of intrateam process and the moderating role of task type.

In this paper, some of the main findings from a large-scale study of 145 software development projects are highlighted.

The study's key objective was to conceptualize and measure the quality of teamwork in innovative projects, to identify its effects on team (or project) performance, and to specify major antecedents of teamwork quality.

Thus, coordination means that the teams have to develop and agree upon a common task-related goal structure that has sufficiently clear sub-goals for each team member, free of gaps and overlaps. For permission to reproduce this material, please contact PMI or any listed author.

It is important to the quality of teamwork that every team member is able to contribute all task-relevant knowledge and experience to the team. How does the project's task innovativeness come into play? This study and others have repeatedly demonstrated that smaller teams perform better teamwork.Yet many teams end up fairly large, for a number of reasons.Workload sharing and prioritizing of the team's task over other obligations are indicators for the effort team members exert on the common task. In order to achieve high teamwork quality and avoid conflict among team members, it is important for everyone in the team to know and accept the work norms concerning sufficient effort. In addition, it is important for the quality of collaboration in teams that team members are able to communicate directly with all other team members (communication structure), as the exchange of information through mediators (e.g., team leader) is time consuming and a possible cause of faulty transmission.Apart from formalization and structure, it is critical to teamwork quality that members share their information openly with each other.Some of the main reasons will be discussed, along with ways to keep teams small.This study's findings have been reported in several publications, and this manuscript draws from such prior works (Hoegl, 2005; Hoegl, Ernst, & Proserpio, 2007; Hoegl & Gemuenden, 2001; Hoegl & Parboteeah, 2007; Hoegl, Parboteeah, & Gemuenden, 2003; Hoegl & Proserpio, 2004).While not everyone must bring in, the exact same number of ideas, no one should be limited in presenting and contributing relevant knowledge to the team. Intensive collaboration of individuals depends upon a cooperative rather than a competitive frame of mind.


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