Techniques In Solving Math Problems

Techniques In Solving Math Problems-75
Ten of her students are great at word problems involving addition, and only 7 seem to understand subtraction word problems.Five of her students are bored with the easy problems.

It provides just enough direction to guide them through the reasoning process without overwhelming them.

SQRQCQ is also a mnemonic that is easy for students to remember and which they can fall back on when completing homework or taking tests.

Now that you've determined what needs to be solved, reread the problem and pay close attention to specific details.

Determine which aspects of the problem are interrelated.

Today’s standardized tests and real-world applications require creative thinking and flexibility with strategies.

Issue #3: Differentiation Teachers want students to excel quickly and often push too fast, too soon.

Math word problems tend to be especially challenging for Learning Disabled (LD) students.

LD students often lack "Concept Imagery", or the ability to visualize the whole problem by creating a complete mental image.

Use the formulas and/or equations identified in the previous step to complete the calculations.

Be sure to follow the steps you outlined while setting up an equation or using a formula. Once you've completed the calculations, review the final answer and make sure it is correct and accurate.


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