Teenage Insecurities Essay

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Some said adults could never understand such a complex relationship.

Some said adults could never understand such a complex relationship.

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Every Sunday, she attends church service with her family, something that her parents also did when they were teenagers. —Jodi Davidson, 18This girl is invisible to the world around her, just like how the issue of mental illness is sometimes invisible to adults and the older generation.

My generation lives in a different world than past generations, however participating in traditions helps merge this gap and bring us together. Pregnancy was just never one of my poetry titles until now. Over past years, 50 percent more teens — girls especially — have been diagnosed with mental disorders.

“What can you show us from your own life, or the lives of those around you, that might help make the portrait of ‘Gen Z’ more interesting, nuanced, complete or real? But the thing they showed us most often — by our count, in over 70 percent of the images we received — was teenagers with their phones.

In their statements, our participants variously described the devices as their friends and their family, their enemies and their addiction.

Holden being a phony individual never takes into account other people’s ideas and because of his stubbornness, never learns his lesson.

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In the Catcher and the Rye, Holden clearly is the phony in the form of criticism loneliness, and fallacies.

Believing I could succeed even with a teenage pregnancy, I went for it. I tore apart the imperfections of a pregnant teenager, I stayed in school. Living with a mental illness can affect all aspects of a teen’s life.

I killed the trend of failure, as I walked across my graduation stage. It affects how teens interact with others, how they participate in school, their social life, home life, their relationships and overall health. Social media has taken over teens’ whole identities, pushing them to search for perfection within themselves but finding each and every imperfection they have at the same time. For us, vape is something we can control when everything else is spiraling down.

Through out the novel Holden tells lies like it’s his job.

At the beginning of chapter 3 Holden even states, “I’m the most terrific liar you ever saw in your life” (Salinger p.16).


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