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Verbs are the most important words writers will ever use. As writers, we’re always striving to engage our readers and to compel with our words.They engage and attract the reader like no other part of speech does. Remarkable writing makes the reader feel like they’re a part of the story, as if the scene is happening under their feet.

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“That kind of stuff is opinion,” they say, “and the reader is cheated if it’s not labelled as opinion.” Well, maybe so. Mencken should have been locked up for trying to pass off his opinions on gullible readers and normal “objective journalism.” Mencken understood that politics — as used in journalism — was the art of controlling his environment, and he made no apologies for it.

Maybe Tom Paine cheated his readers and Mark Twain was a devious fraud with no morals at all who used journalism for his own foul ends. In my case, using what politely might be called “advocacy journalism,” I’ve used reporting as a weapon to affect political situations that bear down on my environment. Anything that gets the adrenalin moving like a 440 volt blast in a copper bathtub is good for the reflexes and keeps the veins free of cholesterol…

Readers swore they had visions themselves just by reading his descriptions of hallucinatory drug binges.

People literally hopped in their cars and went to Vegas hoping to catch a whiff of what he’d described.

Thompson, in fact, was characteristically unafraid of vocalizing his opinions as a keen observer of and lively, if not hedonistic, participant in culture.

But his opinions of journalism in particular he held and proselytized with especial zest — what it is and what it ought to be, what pretensions it could use to divest and what moral obligations it should at all costs uphold.

Thompson was known for his drug frenzy-filled stories, his use of powerful verbs and wild descriptions, and the ability to tell a story like a journalist.

He was a brilliant, ingenious, erratic writer – fearless, twisted, passionate, and slightly wicked.

Thompson’s 1970 campaign for sheriff of Aspen, Colorado and went on to become an iconic symbol of Thompson and gonzo journalism as a whole.

If you consider the great journalists in history, you don’t see too many objective journalists on that list.


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