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It’s such an important section—setting the scene for everything that follows—that many authors write the methods, results, and discussion sections in full before completing the introduction.

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For example, “A significant association has been found between X and Y in men [4-7], women [8-11], and children [12-15].” For research in empirical sciences, stating a hypothesis can be an effective way of framing the research.

For example, instead of stating “In this study, we show that X is related to Y by method A,” you could say, “In this study, we hypothesize that X is related to Y, and we use method A to test this hypothesis.” For research in formal sciences or exploratory research, you could consider stating a research question instead: “In this study, we examine the following research question: Is X related to Y?

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” Note that the research question doesn’t always have to be stated in the interrogative form (with a question mark); instead, you can put the question into a declarative sentence: “In this study, we investigate An organizational overview is more common in some fields than others.

It is particularly common in technology, but less so in medicine.

A good introduction will provide a solid foundation and encourage readers to continue on to the main parts of your paper—the methods, results, and discussion.

In this article, we present 10 tips for writing an effective introduction.

In the last paragraph of your introduction, consider giving a section-by-section overview of your paper if it is appropriate for your field.

For example, “In Section II, we describe our analysis methods and the datasets we used. In Section IV, we discuss the results and compare our findings with those in the literature.


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