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As the owners understandably wanted, my direct contact with students was all but nonexistent, although I had to know their names when logging into their student accounts. I followed a few on social media to help me get ‘in character’ (and briefly had the hots for one, sort of).

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” And in a phone call that night, I learned that it was.The paper was an opinion essay for a women’s studies course about whether booty-driven Instagram accounts are good for feminism.I did some background on the prof, determined she was an old-school lesbian feminist, and decided I had better go with a resounding ‘no.’ I dumbed down the language enough to be convincing and, although I felt like a racist as I tried to employ Chinese takeout-menu-style English, the paper did well.I earned about 60 college credits that I’ll never be able to claim.Most of the full courses I handled were business or marketing ones; science students tend to want to do their own work.For a psych class, I used an actual account of watching someone smoke pot that so horrified the student he was apparently ready to return to Kuwait.) * * * Realistically, this could all be squashed.Colleges offering online courses could make some basic technical adjustments to preclude most of this cheating if they cared to do so.And I’m very thankful, because I hated it and loved it at the same time.* * * How was this ‘job’ compared to others like it, such as they exist?This nameless ‘company’ consisting of the two people who had founded it, and they needed people with the time, the talent, and the flexible ethics to do the work of college students.One of the founders, a secular Muslim, had discovered in his undergraduate days in New York that he had a flair for paper-writing and had parlayed this into a side business by methodically reaching out to Muslim students in the area, targeting those from overseas with lots of cash, little desire to do any real work, and full course loads. They explained that, yeah, the ethics were a little sketchy, but if it was any consolation, none of my ‘clients’ would be seeking advanced degrees and thus my work wouldn’t have the effect of depriving hard-working students of slots in Ph D or MBA programs.


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