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We hope that you find these articles interesting, whether reading as a MOOC learner, a regular As a clinician, researcher, and manager at various points in my career I have been fascinated by how the profession of music therapy interfaces with neuroscience on many levels, and how this interface can inform our work with diverse clinical populations.

music) in a resting state, and how the shape and connectivity of brain regions change over time.

Blood flow responses to neural activity resulting from a change in blood-oxygen levels (blood oxygenation level dependent or BOLD changes) are measured, providing fine grained 3-D images to a high level of accuracy in terms of locating specifically where brain activity is.

the Society for Music Perception and Cognition and International Conference on Music & Emotion proceedings (Luck & Brabant 2013; Schutz, & Russo, 2013).

Furthermore, the potential for productive dialogue between music therapy, neuroscience and psychology in the field of neuro-disability has provided the rationale for a biennial series of highlights an exponential growth in interest since 2012, as Figure 2 illustrates.


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