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Under Hitler’s leadership, Germany broke out from the isolation the other European countries had tried to impose with the Versailles Treaty.The Fuhrer created a Nazi Germany whereby he was poised to conquer and control all of Europe, focusing his vengeance out on those who signed against him in the Treaty of Versailles.

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World War II began September 1, 1939 when Adolf Hitler’s Armies invaded Poland.

Some historians argue that the war was merely an extension of World War I after a temporary interruption created by the armistice of 1918.

2, 1945, with the formal surrender of Japan aboard the U. The losing side consisted of Germany, Italy, and Japan, as well as smaller nations. The Ukrainian population harbored its own unique type of anti-Semitism rooted in historic opposition to Polish nobility and Soviet rule before the out break of World War Two.

1, 1939, when Germany attacked Poland, and ended on Sept. The rival powers were the victorious Allies (Great Britain and the Commonwealth, France, the United States, the USSR, and China). 2, 1945, with the formal surrender of Japan aboard the U. The losing side consisted of Germany, Italy, and Japan, as well as smalle Robert Kwant Hist.142 3/11/98 Term Paper Collaboration and Murder: Ukrainian Participation in the Holocaust The history of Ukrainian collaboration in the Holocaust is a logical progression that starts with native anti-Semitism and ends with Ukrainian participation in the murder of thousands of Jews.

A research paper on WWII explores the impact World War II had on the international community, and examines the political, social, and historical consequences of the war upon the world and its inhabitants.

World War II was one of the most important events in world history.Working backwards from the outbreak of armed conflict to the historical atmosphere that directly preceded it often lends a sense of reductive linearity that is not actual reflected in the unfolding of events.Even as this discussion will attempt to delineate the primary influences that brought about the advent of military intervention, it is important to note that the war originated out of a specific historical and cultural moment that is inherently more complex than simply the aggregate sum of these events.Much of the fighting took place in Europe and in Southeast Asia (Pacific). Learn More Check out these pages to learn about the events, battles, and people of World War II: Overview: World War II Timeline Allied Powers and Leaders Axis Powers and Leaders Causes of WW2 War in Europe War in the Pacific After the War Battles: Battle of Britain Battle of the Atlantic Pearl Harbor Battle of Stalingrad D-Day (Invasion of Normandy) Battle of the Bulge Battle of Berlin Battle of Midway Battle of Guadalcanal Battle of Iwo Jima Events: The Holocaust Japanese Internment Camps Bataan Death March Fireside Chats Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Atomic Bomb) War Crimes Trials Recovery and the Marshall Plan Leaders: Winston Churchill Charles de Gaulle Franklin D. There were also isolationist forces that felt the Allies would win the war in the end anyway, that America was not directly threatened from German advances, and that an Axis victory would not menace US security.What led the United States into the Second World War was a combination of the following: Although public opinion did bolster US intervention in the conflict and, while the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was the final piece of the puzzle for US military involvement in Europe and the Pacific, there were other circumstances and influencing factors that lead to an American declaration of war against Japan and the German menace.World War II research papers are custom written to examine what caused the war, who were the main players and how the battles of the war played out.History writers can explain any aspect of WWII for you in a research paper.Below you will see many topics that relate to WWII so be sure to choose a specific one that will give you the most information for your own research to expand upon.Despite the many historical events of significance that have transpired since the conclusion of World War II, this era remains one of the definitive milestones in the collective consciousness of the world as we enter the twenty-first century.


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