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They either receive it from a shot or from an insulin pump. This form was previously named non insulin-dependent diabetes mettitus or maturity-onset diabetes. People with type 1 diabetes usually are not overweight. This acute illness often starts suddenly and results in frequent urination, increased thirst and appetite, rapid weight loss, and fatigue.

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Therefore, we give you tips on how to write a research paper on diabetes.

Your research paper will want to include the following information to fully cover the disease of diabetes.

It is often diagnosed after age 40 and sufferers are usually overweight.

Symptoms may be blurred vision, slow healing for cuts, numbness in extremities, recurring infections in the mouth or bladder or on the skin.

Symptoms of type 1 are also experienced by people with type 2. The process noted above will be explained in more detail.

Most of what we eat is either forms of carbohydrates or proteins. The pancreas is then signaled by beta cells to secrete insulin.

The brain and nervous system are not insulin-dependent.

The liver stops producing glucose when insulin levels are high but instead stores it until insulin levels drop. Blood glucose cannot enter cells and is instead dumped into urine.

Table sugar does not affect a diabetic any more than other carbohydrates such as potatoes or pasta.

However, sugar does not contain necessary vitamins and minerals.


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