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At under 600 words each, these essays are more about concise marketing and good first impressions making than anything else: In a way, a good college essay is much like a 30-second Super Bowl television ad.You have a very valuable, limited space to pitch your product to an audience who’s jaded by all of the other really great ads.

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Common App is updating customers about once a day via Facebook, but users do not seem to find it very helpful. “None of these issues impacts all users, but each introduces a level of frustration for students.” Talmage and Quinn have both received e-mails from students late into the night and early in the morning, detailing their horror stories. As it happens, this was Georgia Tech’s first year using the Common App -- so admissions was already braced for last-minute adjustments and crises.Test scores supposedly identify whether or not students have the raw cognitive capability to excel, and school grades are supposed to demonstrate how well or not students took advantage of the classroom opportunities afforded to them.Assuming that there’s more to a person than just test scores and books, essays are therefore the most human and intangible component; they enable students to use their own voice to fill in the rest of the picture of their candidacy.The Common Application went live on August 1st so many rising seniors started filling in their apps.As soon as they added a college, most were able to see additional writing requirements and supplements.(More than 500 institutions in all accept the Common App, which allows a student to fill out one application and send it to multiple campuses.) But that’s not doing much to ease the burden on families, college admissions officers and high school counselors.“When it causes a high school boy to be concerned enough that they come in to see me right away, it’s got them concerned,” said Jake Talmage, director of college counseling at St. “They and their parents have entered panic mode.” And while the immediate (non-health-related) effects may be minimal, each day wasted is more time lost that admissions officers would be using to review applications and send acceptance or denial letters.There are two, primary “common applications” which your Texas resident child should be concerned with – Apply Texas for most Texas colleges and the Common Application for most every other college.If your child is like most students nationwide, they’ll probably apply to five to eight colleges with a combination of Texas public institutions and non-Texas public and private universities.In a post Tuesday morning, Common App said its officials were investigating problems with the PDF preview function, but they were “not systemic.” One person commented: “4 different computers. Both have stared at computer screens with college hopefuls for hours on end. But the problems are forcing staff to take a more manual approach to reading applications -- for example, they can’t just pull 400 PDF applications at once, because for some reason only 25 show up.Then they have to go in and figure out which ones were blocked and why.


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