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Combined with textspeak and other alphabetic text, though, emojis can add delicious depth to a written work that asks the reader to work a little harder.

Not the most intellectual, but still worth examining.

They are a show of the author’s skill with words, even if they ask nothing more of the reader than to experience the novelty of them.

On the note of poetry, there is a rich history in that tradition of changing punctuation, line breaks, and word shortening. What is to say that textspeak is not just another step in this tradition?

The abbreviation and word shortening in textspeak has a history and a tradition as well.

In it “characteristics of a language are seen as an iconic reflection of essential characteristics of its users.” Essentially, because viewers believe textspeak is lazy writing and less sophisticated, textspeak users, including authors, must be lazy and unsophisticated writers.

Not only is this unfair to those who use textspeak, it is inherently untrue.Additionally, the work of translation can elevate simple work to the level of poetry.Finding the meaning beneath the meaning in textspeak can work the same as explication. cummings is a perfect example of a writer playing with punctuation, capitalization, and spelling of words to further a work’s overall meaning. Today they are praised for their revolutionary quality, and emulated by other poets.It is unlikely original works written in textspeak will go on to become classics or the textspeak adaptations hailed as the new greatest translation. If one can ignore their initial offense at this “assault” on writing and literature, the exploration can begin.See these adaptations less like masterful compositions and art installations and more like skillful but uninspired portraits painted from a reference.In fact, they may have a better grasp of the language then some.Linguist David Crystal asserts that, “Before you can write and play with abbreviated forms, you need to have a sense of how the sounds of your language relate to the letters.” Essentially, just as the poet is aware of the syllables, sounds, and breaks in words to evoke a feeling so the textspeaker must know how far they can go in abbreviations, changing spellings, and new punctuation and still be understood.The original novels are the outsider art of their day.They too contain deep and valuable lessons, if one is willing to look past the packaging.This is doubly true for authors who are trying to use textspeak to evoke emotion, be understood Consider, too, the amount of work that goes into even automatic writing.When one writes in a stream of consciousness style they are uniquely present in their words, and though they may not choose what to write on, they are still, in some way, choosing how to say it.


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