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Textile Coursework-71
Page 26) Evaluation of product...improvemetns and advice to manufacturer.Page 27) Evaluation of whole folder...research, designing, developments, planning, making, design spec........finish some pictures of my product.

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If anyone has done textiles coursework at GCSE before, preferably with the WJEC exam board, could you post some pictures of your folder so I could get an idea on how I should present my work, etc to get the best grades.

Thanks Hi, I am starting my textiles coursework now (WJEC exam board) and I'm having trouble on what to write.

Page 19) Costings sheet...amounts of the materials and how much everything will cost....include labour hours...it is expensive so appeals to a more upper class market.

Page 20) Production flow chart....to look this up..explain it very well.

Its very helpful and includes very single written aspect of the coursework to the point the booklet could deliver this side of the course for you if you needed textiles cover work for an absent teacher.

Personally I use it along side teaching the course as a booklet that is kept in the classroom.

Page 7) Fabric specification- the kind of fabric I will choose...of material, construction of fabric, colour, properties, cost per metre, after care. Page 9) Design ideas- ideas that my final product may be like....drawn in pencil and detail annotation....

Page 8) Product specification- what i think my product will look like....style, size dimensions, colours, componenets, finishes, after care. I also evaluated each against my product and fabric specification and also specified where id got my inspiration from.

Page 10) Colour, shape, and pattern ways....was my final design...for the colour ways i drew the same waistcoat 4 times (front and back view) in diffferent colours..Page 11) I did a lining to my product, so I did different pattern ideas...evaltuated Page 12) I did different decorative techniques to create my lining...evaluated Page 13) Market research- I showed people my design ideas to see which they liked best...evaluated the page.

Page 14) Health safety and risk assesment..every action that I would need to do to create my product I wrote risks and evaluated the chance of the risk. Looked at different fabrics and fibre contents...evaluated them against my product spec and looked how suitable they would be to use.


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