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The film ends with Jane examining her mutilated hands; Frank had severed her fingers to ensure she would never practice again.

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Leaving the hotel, Frank contacts a girl he hooked up with named Johnnie and asks to stay at her home while he recovers.

The police do not believe Frank exists, frustrating Jane.

The film is split between a present-day timeline in which she has been institutionalized and her condition is being assessed by Dr.

Ralph Galen, and a second timeline two years into the past.

While tempted to kill her, Frank chooses to spare her and send her to Reno, Nevada. However, the doctor's bodyguards were expecting Frank, and they sedate him.

Frank awakens in a straitjacket and finally comes face to face with Dr. She announces her intention to perform another surgery on him to remove his right arm, so he can never kill again.He tried to write a different version but could not get it to work.He put the project aside until he found a copy of the first draft fifteen years later.The character goes on to commit a series of murders.Walter Hill recalls, "I liked its audacity, and its potential to be ...this always sounds patronizing, but a kind of really terrific B movie.You know, the kind of movie that doesn't get much love when it comes out, but you love watching it on TV years later, much more than you do the 'big' movies of the day." Hill optioned the script with his own money around ten years after he first read it."The only rules he laid down was that it'd have to be made for very cheap, and there had to be some name value in the cast," said Hill. "This movie totally comes out of the same animus as my Tales From the Crypt shows," said Hill. So it's a very small movie, but it's a king-size Tales from the Crypt." The Assignment received negative reviews from critics. After staging the scene to look as if Jane's assistant killed everyone, Frank is seen holding Jane's knife over her unconscious body. Jane reveals that she had hoped to convince him to help her be deemed mentally fit for trial, but realized that it was over when she attacked him.After completing his revenge, Frank records a video in which he tells his side of the story, to be released after his death. She instead decided to accept her fate, while using the deposition as a means to tell her side of the story for anyone interested.


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