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This quote suggests that the people of Waknuk considered deviations as the devils diminishing weapon and feared them. The people of Waknuk were afraid that God might send another tribulation, so they praised God in any way possible.

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The egg symbolizes the reemergence of life on Earth or in Waknuk after the Nuclear War, or “Tribulation”, had occurred.

It may also mean the rising of the Waknuk Society, raised by Elias Strorm.

The second stage, the caterpillar stage, represents a confined life, as the larvae do not act individually.

If the caterpillars do not complete the butterfly’s life-cycle, they will eventually die.

As with the Chrysalis, the changes are mostly obscure, but repressed because of the fear of the consequence of discovery.

Therefore The Chrysalids is definitely an appropriate and great title for the book because it fits perfectly together with its plot and theme.

Firstly, fear was demonstrated by the people of Waknuk.

The people of Waknuk considered themselves as the true image of god and continuously strived to become purer and purer.

They feared deviations because deviations were considered as impurities sent by the devil.

This could be verified when the inspector said "The Devil sends deviations among us to weaken us and tempt us away from purity" (Wyndham 55).


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