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Her special dress, which she wore for the fantastic festivity, is also a mask behind which Matilda can hide.Long after the ball has ended, Matilda, wanting to latch onto the image she has made for herself, remains "in her evening gown" (301).

In the short story, "The Diamond Necklace," the author Guy de Maupassant makes clear that only the rich have the financial freedom of choice; sadly, some people are not so fortunate.

Those who cannot enjoy the rewards of wealth attempt to find ways to fit in and become affluent.

There is irony in being so proud that admitting to Mme.

Forester that the necklace she borrowed got lost never even crossed her mind. Forester would surely regard her as a thief and would rather cover up her mess than reveal the truth.

As she sits, prematurely aged, before her window, she is not thinking of how vain and silly she had been as a young woman; she is daydreaming about how lovely and glamorous the Minister's party had been, "of that ball where she was so beautiful and so flattered" (303). Conclusion But now, after ten years of toil, "she had become a strong, hard woman" (303). In the end, although she is a "crude woman of the poor household," she is finally in harmony as she admits, "I am decently content" (303).

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For the first time in her life, Matilda has had her fill; she is satisfied.Had she done this in the first place, she and her husband would not have been subjected to ten years of persistent hard work to pay-off the debts, used to buy a replacement for the lost necklace.The theme was also prominent when the occasion of the invitation to the ball presented ways of needing to dress according to the event.The literary elements that best contribute to the theme are the tone (defined as the “attitude reflected by the author in a literary work”; and symbolism (“a literal identity but also stands for something else”.The tone of the short story is replete with situation irony as depicted by the discovery that the diamond necklace borrowed from Mme.In meager status, Loisel insisted, beyond grasp, to project an image which is not her real and true identity, requiring her to buy a dress beyond their means and to borrow a jewelry to perfect the facade of elegance and sophistication.The symbolism that dominated in the story was the title itself, the necklace.This sequence of process-based writing lessons leans heavily on insights from a close reading of the text, "The Diamond Necklace." Across these lessons, students plan, draft, revise, and edit an informational essay explaining what Mathilde values. Introduction Essay on "The Diamond Necklace" Blind Vanity Mr.Not only does she use her gown to veil her true self from the prosperous people at the party, but she also wants to grasp onto the fantasy, that she, too, is wealthy, for as long as possible.It was not until ten years later that Matilda had come to terms with reality, finally having removed all of the masks, which concealed her genuine self.


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