The Fall Of Ancient Rome Essay

In order for the Romans to invade and conquer other provinces they had to spend heavily on their legions.The Roman armies and supply lines became over-stretched resulting in thousands of soldiers being recruited and deployed from Rome into other territories as invaders or defenders.Consider Latin language- it gave birth to French, Spanish Italian and other languages. Nevertheless, Rome had fallen, its merits still exist in the modern world.

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Three major contributions that led to the collapse of the once great empire were: the heavy military spending in order to expand the Empire, the over-reliance on slave labour which led to an increase in unemployment, and the political corruption and abuse of power by the Praetorian Guard leading to the unfair selection of many disreputable emperors and the assassination of those not favoured by the Guard.

One of the main reasons of the collapse of the Roman Empire was the over expenditure on the military to constantly fund wars abroad.

All these factors obviously were a great threat for the Rome Empire, making it weak and unable to resist the pressure of invaders.

In conclusion, we can say that there were many factors that lead to sorrowful consequences.

The actual split happened several decades earlier, when the Rome Empire was divided into two mentioned above parts.

The reason of division was the massive size of its territories which extended from the British Isles to the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and into Africa.

The non-Roman mercenaries were too proud to serve a weakening empire and they began to conquer parts of the Empire as the Romans were unable to afford to send detachments and reserves to reclaim these areas.

The city of Rome was left very poorly defended due to the deployment of troops to other provinces within the Empire which were defeated and taken by the barbarians making it considerably easier for them to conquer Rome.

But what are those crucial events that brought to ruin such a magnificent state?

When he entered the city, Rome has already lost the control of Britain, Spain and North Africa to Goths and Vandals.


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