The Glass Menagerie Essay

The Glass Menagerie Essay-75
Adventure is something I don稚 have much of at work, so I go to the movies"(1210).Tom痴 obsessions with adventure leaves him no time or energy to concentrate on his present responsibilities at work.

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Being unaware of the present, Amanda, Tom, and Laura, live in worlds far from reality.

Amanda dwells in her past, a past filled with popularity and success.

All these simulated worlds that the characters retreat to, leave them unprotected from the reality of the world.

Being unprepared, Amanda, Tom, and Laura are tragically lost in their own dream worlds, far away from the present.

Therefore, he finds it through writing poetry and watching movies.

When business is slow at the shoe warehouse, Tom goes to the washroom to work on his poetry.Amanda questions Tom, "why do you go to the movies so much, Tom?" Tom replies, "I go to the movies because悠 like adventure.Each character develops their own world, far away from reality.Amanda frees herself from the harsh realities of life by constantly reminding herself of the past.These personal downfalls in life drive Tom into a life of poetry and movies, and Laura into a world of glass figurines.Tom is unsatisfied with his work at the warehouse and feels his life lacks adventure.Having nothing to do at home, Laura takes care of her glass ornaments.Taking care of the glass figurines give her a sense of control耀omething she has never experienced in her life.When Jim came over for dinner, Amanda wears the "girlish frock of yellowed voile with a blue silk sash" that she wore on the day she met her husband (1222).Amanda obsesses with the past, and at the same time damaging the children psychologically.


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