The Holocaust Research Paper

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The following ideas can help you explore possible topics students can use for research paper writing. How would we know and what warning signs would come ahead of it?

Different ways people died during the Holocaust that is often not talked about. This event was extremely traumatic for thousands of people.

They transcribed 3,000 survivor testimonies between 19, scavenged for Nazi paperwork in abandoned Gestapo offices and meticulously preserved fragments of day-to-day ghetto life — a child’s school notebook or a food ration ticket. In every Nazi document he came across, he circled and underlined innocuous terms like “abgang” (exit) or “evakuierung” (evacuation).

He knew what these words actually meant when they appeared in memos and bureaucratic forms: They were euphemisms for death.

But this was never just detached historical inquiry. “Survivor historians like Blumental were caught between the ‘I’ and the ‘We,’ mediating between their own lived experience and the communities to which they belonged,” said Katrin Stoll, a German Holocaust scholar who has been helping to process the Blumental papers.

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“They each had to figure out how to relate to their own experiences and the larger experience of the war.

Some items are more visceral, like a piece of leather from his dead son’s shoe.

But the artifacts are dwarfed by thousands of note cards covered in minuscule cursive handwriting.

In August 1944, as soon as Soviet troops swept the Nazis out of eastern Poland, a group of Jewish intellectuals rushed to cities like Lublin and Lodz to begin collecting and recording, scouring for any trace of the still fresh horror that had taken their own loved ones. Among them was Nachman Blumental, a philologist obsessed with the uses and misuses of language. To make some sense of it all, Blumental got to work.

He had escaped into the Soviet Union and now returned to find that his wife, Maria, and young son, Ariel, had been killed. Along with an assortment of historians, ethnographers and linguists, he established the Central Jewish Historical Commission.


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