The London Assignment

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So it might surprise you when I say that the animation in this film is ok at best it's not the worst seen out there but it was quite clearly rushed since alot of the drawings look off.

I mentioned before that this was a prequel to the 2004 film and the main returning characters do look alot like there live action counterparts so the film does have that going in it's favor.

That right there explains so much about this movie because while it is well made and the story is interesting it's also trying to explain certain things that appear in the 2004 movie and those are the things that just don't work.

The action can at times be pretty exciting to watch but at the same time there's a lot of just plain boring action scenes as well.

In this animated short, the Knights of the Holy Order send Van Helsing into London to search for the demonic Mr.

Hyde, who has tormented the city with a violent crime spree.

If anything that's not a reason to turn to the side of evil that should be the reason why you want tot stay good heck they don't even explain why he's evil.

For the entire running time I was wondering why this film is just so bland and then the end credits rolled up and I saw the very reason why it's bland it was produced by the prince of bad movies Stephen Sommers.

However what it doesn't have going in it's favor is the fact that it falls into the same pitfalls as every prequel out there and the fact that this film came out the exact same year as the original film.

So I have no idea if the plan was to always release an animated prequel which if that was the case then why not put it on the Van Helsing DVD and if you want to make a prequel don't have the Van Helsing character appear that way we have no idea where the story is going.


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