The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants Essay Questions

The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants is very much a touching story about four best friends and their lives.

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Do you remember in kindergarten when you share a marker with someone and the next minute you were best of friends?

Well, this story is about four friends who knew each other since they were born. Call me later tonight if you are not out being cool and sophisticated with your cool and sophisticated new filmmaker friends.

Afterwards, she gets very upset and can't get out of bed for days. When she gets there though, she sees he has a new family already and feels mad and replaced.

Eventually it gets to the point where she can't take it any more and runs away.

Carmen expects her dad to come out looking for her, but when he does nothing she hops on a bus and goes back home.

Feeling extremely guilty about the whole ordeal, she finally calls him and tells him how she feels.She constantly flirts with her coach Eric, to the point where she sneaks out one night to a local bar just to see him.A few days later she snuck out to his cabin and they have sex.When Tibby has no idea of what she should do next and then Lena arrives to comfort her.Another instance would be when Carmen is at her opening night and she thinks that no one is Another time where a powerful friendship can change an instance is when Carmen, who is moments away from making her theater debut as an actress, is not feeling to good about herself and her performance.Friendship exists everywhere in the world around and most of them are very complex. In Ann Brashares novel, ‘Forever in Blue’ there is a perfect demonstration of friendship and the power it has to make a difference in someone’s life.The relationship between the four main characters, Lena, Carmen, Tibby, and Bridget, is a strong one and they all share a special bond between one another.Magically, they happen to fit Carmen, Lena, Tibby and Bridget perfectly, even though they have different body types. Its her friends that remind her she's more than her looks.When they all go their separate ways, the girls mail around the pants to whoever needs them, once the... Bridget is the one who's the least open about friendship, but she needs it just as much as the others.The book is The Second Summer of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares. Love, Lena" pg 78Have you ever had a friend that had to move away and you could only keep in...The friends Bridget, Lena, Carmen, and Tibby each are different in their own way but yet they are the best of friends. and in another way the beginning of it""Tibby, Well, here are the pants. I got scolded by my boss and watched a trendy fifty year old try to buy them. Anyway, I don't know what Carmen told you, but I ' m totally okay about Kostos and his new girlfriend.


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