The Village Descriptive Essay

The Village Descriptive Essay-9
Youngsters and children may rest in the groves in the afternoon under the shade of the trees and pluck coconuts, husk them and drink the coconut water. Children who have relatives in villages or whose parents own some acres of land in their native village may go there on vacation and enjoy themselves all through the day and sleep peacefully at night. It is surrounded by hills which are full of dense vegetation and tall trees. There is a gardener and he looks after the pretty garden, the pride of the village, very carefully.

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As it is a very small village, the government has taken no step to construct a bridge over the river. There is a school with teaching facility up to the matriculation stage.

For the purpose of medicine the villagers depend upon the neighboring village where there is a dispensary, a post office, and a market.

The main occupation of our villagers is cultivation.

Our village has a good name for vegetable production. All kinds of seasonal vegetables are available in good quality and cheap price.

Though, today almost every village is well connected with roads; transportation is still scarce and if present, is of poor quality.

Light and water might not be an issue for modern village, but they lack behind the cities on availability of other civic amenities.Our village has been awarded a cash award of ten thousand rupees by the Collector for the cleanliness and purity of atmosphere. If at all there is a dispute, they sit together and settle it amicably.Village life is known to be calm and pure as people are closer to the nature in villages; however, it also has its own set of challenges.In the afternoon we sit under the shady trees and talk of our experiences in our town and in our village.Some of us from a town or city advise the youngsters in the village to join a school and study. Villages have poor drainage system and no waste disposal mechanism at all, making the residents more prone to diseases and infections. Though the facilities in villages may be lesser than that in the cities however most of the people living there are far more content and happy.On top of that, poor health care facilities add to the villager’s woes. Here we have provided essay on village life of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exam or in school assignments.These Village Life Essay have been written in simple and easy language, elaborating all the details of a village life and its pros and cons.People living in the villages mostly indulge in agricultural activities and stay away from the hustle and bustle of the chaotic city life. A day in the life of a villager starts early morning.In some villages a stream may run near your street and when you sleep in the open at night on a cot you get pleasant breeze. We have tamarind trees, mango trees, plantain trees, jackfruit trees, plants which yield lady’s finger, baronial, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, capsicum, cluster-beans, drumstick, pumpkin, saber-bean and snake-gourd, and flowers like jasmine, yellow, white, red and roses, water-soldier etc.Some landlords may own groves of coconut trees or mango trees. The plants are watered regularly trough a hosepipe.


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