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As you can see, the phrasing of Definition #1 makes it dangerously easy to confuse theme with plot. Lakin has written a plethora of articles on theme at her blog Live Write Thrive. During his search to destroy the Horcruxes – and, ultimately, his nemesis Lord Voldemort – Harry visits other characters’ homes as well as the many “substitute” homes from his childhood.

In addition to writing a fantasy novel, she reviews tea at A Bibliophile’s Reverie and is a guest contributor for Grub Street Daily.

A theme can be expressed concretely in a very general way or as a broad subject, such as courtship, love, and marriage in Jane Austen's works.

Throughout her novels, love—and those in love—triumph even though they had to endure hardships and challenges along the way.

As simply a subject, it's easy to see how a work of literature could have more than one theme.

Once you see it, you more easily can decide what to cut from your story or novel and what to highlight.

Here's a scenario: You are writing a story through which you hope to communicate themes of love and loss.

That’s why we read novels and write stories to begin with, right?

Come back on Monday, December 29, when we’ll explore how dissecting a novel’s title and synopsis can help you identify its themes!

Some articles will act as case studies, focusing on a particular theme in classic and contemporary literature.

Others will cover techniques to help identify themes in stories.


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