Theoretical Framework In Research Proposal

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Research frameworks are important for any academic project or study that university faculties approve, especially for doctoral or Master’s level papers.Students need to organize their ideas and findings in a specific format.Describe how your proposed study leads to investigating them successfully or mention any gaps in previous research studies to address them in your paper.

Contrast different approaches available for your project.

Each one has its unique detriments and benefits, so your final choice depends on how you’re planning to use them to frame your piece of writing.

It should introduce a valuable literature review by mentioning major themes.

Connect all dots between your chosen problem, research, and targeted audience.

Describe and identify key assumptions and how they can control your way to analyze a research subject.

This simple technique reveals your knowledge of possible limitations. Write an introduction to your research to create readers’ interest in your chosen topic.

It’s a structure to support a theory of your research study.

It describes and introduces your theory to explain the importance of your research problem.

Examining other works can help you choose the right path to take.

Point out key assumptions for your project to see any possible limitations of your chosen theoretical framework and identify the main points to focus on.


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