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A similar system is used for the extended essay and students can gain up to 3 points for the diploma based on the grades achieved for TOK and EE.

No diploma is awarded if a candidate fails to submit either the TOK essay or TOK presentation, or receives grade E for either the extended essay or theory of knowledge.

Each part is scored using assessment criteria (four criteria for the essay and four for the presentation) that describe levels of achievement (e.g., "The inquiry explores knowledge issues.

Most points are justified; most arguments are coherent.

Last year, IB decided to ban people from publishing their annual six prompts online, so I can’t share them here.

As regular readers know, IB Diploma candidates take TOK during their junior year at our school (though we have many seniors who aren’t Diploma candidates take it, too)." Each title raises generic cross-disciplinary questions about knowledge, and the student is expected to consider the issues raised in the title and reach conclusions about them.The essay should put forward claims and counterclaims, linking knowledge issues to areas of knowledge and ways of knowing, During the Theory of Knowledge course, students must plan and deliver at least one (in individual or small group, maximum three students) presentation to the class.If a candidate reads an essay, they are very likely to fail.Do you know how perfect one must be when it comes to learning the art of driving a manual car? For beginners, they first need to understand how to shift gears, pedals and that comes with a lot of mistakes and turbulence given how difficult it is.ADDENDUM: I have also created a “fillable” version that students can use when they submit an outline to me.Here’s a link to all the resources we’re using related to the essays.Theory of Knowledge is a course created by the IB organization and must not be conceived as pure epistemology.This course involves a process of exploring and sharing students' views on "knowledge questions" (an umbrella term for "everything that can be approached from a TOK point of view"), so "there is no end to the valid questions that may arise", "there are many different ways to approach TOK," "the sheer scope of the TOK course is daunting" and "teachers and students need the confidence to go too far outside their traditional comfort zones." Teachers are entitled to select a teaching methodology and course material that will convey the theoretical foundation of essential concepts and may provide an environment in which these concepts can be discussed and debated.For each exam session the IB prescribes 6 essay titles from which students must choose, e.g., "All knowledge claims should be open to rational criticism.On what grounds and to what extent would you agree with this assertion?


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