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Note: We do not sell Thesis directly, but you’ll be happy to know that Thesis technology is included in the Focus Word Press Theme.In the following sections, we’ll take a tour of what Thesis can do, and then we’ll examine how all this stuff fits together to become the ultimate enhancement for any Word Press website.

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For example, there are 4 major locations within Word Press where a developer might want to add options: In what can only be described as pure madness, Word Press accepts options in a wildly different format for each location. The HTML specification consists of a finite number of input elements, and you only need a few of these elements to do practically anything: There are very clear patterns in play here.

No matter where you’d like to convey options, you are going to be working with these basic input types.

Then we walk you through 7 examples of things you are likely to want to do on your own website.

Thesis enhances your Word Press installation with this awesome functionality, but it does a hell of a lot more, too.

In practice, you still need to “handle” options—sanitization, saving, and retrieving—after delivering them to an interface.

Similar to basic options delivery, these processes exhibit patterns that can be leveraged for serious efficiency gains.

Because of this repetition, attempting to change one thing in a Theme often necessitates changes to many different templates.

This is inefficient, and it’s also grossly technical because it requires customizers to manually edit template files.

These “living HTML” objects—Boxes—provide serious leverage and serve as the building blocks for Thesis templates.

And as we’ll soon discover, the utility of Boxes isn’t limited to templates and HTML output.


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