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Voltmeters, ammeter and power factor meters in LT panel indicate various parameters and these are protected with MCBs.On all LT panels, indicating lamps (mostly LED lamps) are provided for each phase for indicating live or fault condition.These LT panels are responsible for distributing the power to various sub LT panels by receiving it from the transformer.

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LT panel consists of a system of main horizontal bus bars and auxiliary vertical bus bars in bus bar alleys on which panel could be arranged with front access to connect cables.

Bus bars collect the supply from transformer terminals and supply it to the various elements in the panel such as ACBs, capacitor bank switch gear, and other connected loads.

In the above figure, the elements in this Various transformers supply is given to the LT panels, which acts as a main switching system for entire power distribution scheme and carries the total load demand.

We will discuss the elements inside of the LT panels in brief later in this article.

And part of the power from PDB is supplied to LDBs where it supplies the power to lighting equipment such as street lights (See simple Street light project here), lighting in the working area, plug boards etc.

The switchgear arrangement on each distribution side is housed in metal-enclosed structures called as LT (low tension) panels.The output feeders of the LT panel are connected to sub-LT panels which are placed for a group of loads over a given section to supply the demand.The sub-LT panel incomer is applied at SDB which are placed for supplying the power to loads that consists of a group of machineries such as electrical furnaces, hoists, etc. PDBs acts like an actual power connection of load to source where individual machinery is connected directly to the supply.ACBs (Air Circuit Breaker) consist of necessary bus bars to connect the terminals with bolted type neutral links.These are provided with microprocessor systems to enable protection systems like overload, earth fault and short circuits.This panel is connected to the LT panel with ACBs and other switchgear arrangements through cables.The capacitors and reactors are of an indoor type with air cooled units.Today we are intended to take you to the industrial environment by giving the picture of how an electric power distributed in industries.In industries, electrical panels play a major role in distributing the power that houses various equipments such as bus bars, circuit breakers, meters, etc.In case of maintenance of other circuit breakers on the same panel this bus coupler diverts the supply source to the other.It is also a switchgear arrangement with ACB and provided with interlocking facility.


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